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    About us


    Add:#2 Huanzhen East road Chencun Town, Shunde Dist,Foshan City,GD,Province

    Current Location:Home > About usCompany Profile

    Foshan Golden Source Precision Manufacturing Co.,Ltd,large-scale factory for aluminium industrial profiles and high strength aluminium profiles made of special alloy. It was established in 1991 and located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Diversity of manufacturing capacities allow us to provide “One-Stop’’ services from melting extruding, Surface treatment (anodizing, brush, polishing, powder coating), machining,welding and assembly. We have in-house mould design & mould manufacturing workshop, 600 ~ 2800 tonnage extruders, multiple CNCs with 6.5-meter-long working platform, 12-meter-long anodizing line. And we are equipped with full set of advanced facilities for testing mechanical properties and chemical components. Main products: Aluminium parts for modernized ailways(such as high-speed railways), special high-strength shaped aluminum profiles, aluminium accessories for computer( such as hard disk actuator, CPU heat sink),Aluminium ladders & ramps(such as all kinds of ATV ramps, wheel chair ramps), aluminium parts for automobile(such as aluminum truck beds, aluminum trailers, pedals for cars, protective bars, aluminium parts for new energy: accessories for Concentrating Solar Power, aluminium profiles for truss, scaffolding system, shower room, furniture.

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